On Painting

I believe we are all artists but during our “growing up” years our creativity is put through a hot wash. Kindergarten is all about singing, dancing, painting and generally having a good time. At school, subjects like art, drama and dance move closer and closer to the back of the education train as we are encouraged to believe that math, science and english are the only things that matter.

Then we spend a considerable amount of time in our grown-up cocoon only to emerge as old and wise creatures who know that the important stuff in life has nothing to do with math or science. The important things are far less useful or practical and far more whimsical, much more like the stuff of kindergarten really. The kisses goodnight and the desperate cuddles before work, the last dance of the evening, watching your dogs and sons and daughters splash about at the beach, having a nice long chat with your mum or dad about nothing much and hoping they know how much you really appreciate them.

I have far from emerged from my cocoon. I am still definitely in the wormy, caterpillar stage with much thinking, learning and struggling to do but I hope to live my life more along the kindergarten model than the traditional grown up model.

All of this is why I paint. I paint to maintain innocence, curiousity and above all happiness. My only wish is that I can give some of that happiness to others in the form of my paintings.

Please have a meander through my work and if you would like a painting of your own then please do contact me, I would love to hear from you.