A hand painted portrait of a loved one is a very special thing, and means a lot to a person. Paintings make fantastic gifts, and are also a great way to add something special to your own home.

I paint babies, kidlets, teens, couples, pets, beautiful landscapes; Basically anything that means something to you.

For my commission work I only require a clear photograph. I can paint the background exactly as it is, or I can alter or ignore it completely – often our favourite photos have less than perfect backdrops – but can still make beautiful paintings.

I paint on paper rather than canvas because airbrushing needs to be done on a flat, smooth surface. I have a very good quality framer I use regularly and can give you estimated prices for, but you are absolutely welcome to source your own framer.

Here is a basic price guide for unframed work but we can set a firm price once we know the exact image:

594mm x 841mm          Black and White          Starting at $250

420mm x 594mm          Black and White         Starting at $350


The timeframe is 1 – 4 weeks as my work schedule varies.

If you are interested in having a commission painted, please contact me so we can discuss your preferences and create a beautiful portrait.

Terms and Conditions:
– I require a deposit of 50% of the agreed price and then remainder can be paid on completion.
– Any discounts or coupons can only be redeemed if the deposit is received before the expiration date of the deal or coupon